5 Benefits of a Weighted Blanket

Many research allude to weighted blankets as practical therapeutic tools for serving to nearly anyone looking to de-stress, find calm, and even get better sleep.

Here are 5 benefits of weighted blankets for physical and mental health.

1. They may assist calm the nerves.

Weighted blankets may assist people go through distressing situations with some comfort and aid that helps them feel calmer and generally better and less tense about what’s to come. 

One study published within the Journal of Formosan Medical Association found that deep pressure remedy might assist reduce the symptoms of physical stress that come with removing a knowledge tooth. 

The research explained that applying deep pressure enter on patients of tooth surgical procedure might activate parasympathetic activity, the remaining, digest, and recovery part of the nervous system, to alleviate pain, stress, and anxiety. The examine even means that it may be more efficient than local anesthesia for relieving pain because anesthesia only lessens pain without providing soothing aid on the affected person, like deep pressure input.

2. They could help reduce anxiety. 

Flowing from its calming effects, it’s no surprise that weighted blankets might also be efficient for relieving anxiety symptoms. 

Research shows that weighted blankets provide a „feeling of a firm hug, holding, swaddling, or massage“ that could be deeply comforting. These effects might assist anybody going by way of stress and anxiousness manage their symptoms and really feel more relaxed and grounded. 

According to a scientific overview on the benefits of weighted blankets in managing anxiousness and insomnia, weighted blankets may be efficient instruments for easing anxiety.

3. They may improve the general well-being of individuals with autism and ADHD.

Weighted blankets may provide numerous physical and mental health benefits for people residing with ADHD and autism, and there are numerous research to back this up. 

A 2010 examine exploring using weighted blankets to manage sleep problems in 21 children with ADHD discovered that ball blankets could assist children with ADHD go to sleep more quickly, increase total sleep duration, and reduce the number of times they wake up at night. 

In distinction, a examine printed in Pediatrics, the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, found that children with autism who had severe sleep problems didn’t exhibit modifications to sleep measures. Nonetheless, the research found that oldsters and children choose using weighted blankets regardless. 

Additionally, a 2014 study discovered that weighted vests (sharing the same effects because the weighted blankets) could help children with ADHD develop impulse control, focus, attention, processing time, and their ability to participate in a learning setting actively. Another examine recommends weighted blankets for improving the living conditions of individuals with ADHD. 

4. They promote deep relaxation. 

Looking for something that will assist you to feel nurtured, safe, and comfortable so that you could relax better? The weighted blanket may also produce feel-good hormones—like oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine that evoke positive emotions or pleased emotions—that will assist the consumer feel on top of the world and, on the same time, safe, under the blankets. It might additionally reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, so your body can relaxation and recover. 

Additionally, participants of a examine analyzing the therapeutic benefits of deep pressure stimulation with a weighted blanket reported feeling a „sense of leisure“ using the weighted blankets. 

5. They could aid sleep. 

Weighted blankets are cozy. So, when you have hassle sleeping, they may be the remedy you’ve been missing. Weighted blankets, when used, might activate physiological processes within the body that assist it wind down for an excellent night’s rest. 

A 2020 research means that weighted blankets could improve sleep health and daytime activity and application in people with main depressive dysfunction, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, or ADHD. 

The study investigated the effects of weighted blankets in a hundred and twenty folks with depression, bipolar dysfunction, anxiety, and ADHD. And after four weeks, it found significant improvement in their insomnia symptoms. A 12-month observe-up section of the research supported the long-term benefit of weighted blankets on sleep. It found that participants who continued utilizing the blankets sustained the sleep benefits, while patients just adopting the weighted blankets had similar improvement in insomnia symptoms because the participants after the 4 weeks. 

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